Kenyan entrepreneurs should capitalize on the imminent Global Entrepreneurship summit and wade into export and import business.

According to business analysts, Kenyans should take advantage of the summit, create networks and adopt global sourcing as a way to reduce business costs and enter into new markets.

This is the first time the summit is held in sub-Saharan Africa, a region that is experiencing massive economic growth.
The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) brings together business owners, educators, policymakers and investors to support the growth of new enterprises in developing regions.


Kenya leads the East African region for being home to a booming startup scene which entrepreneurs hope to capitalize on largely untapped markets.
Once networks have been created, the next headache shall be how to export or import affordably to take advantage of the new opportunities created.
Salihiya Cargo and Shipping Agency, East Africa’s largest freight forwarder, has already helped customers importing good, including shipping goods bought online.
To import any commodity into Kenya, advises experts, an importer will have to enlist the services of a reputable clearing agent such as Salihiya Cargo and Shipping Agency, who will process the import documentation through Kenya Customs electronically.

Automating the import process allows the importer to connect with brokers electronically. As a result, you can streamline pre-customs and customs entries, and maintain a complete audit trail for each shipment. Simplifying the process with brokers not only reduces delays at the border, but also offers an excellent opportunity to negotiate transaction cost reductions for each import shipment.

Salihiya Cargo and Shipping Agency urges importers to accurately calculate the total cost of shipments based on contracted rates and applicable governing rules tariffs. Actively managing transportation costs and optimizing carrier selection decisions allows companies to reduce costs significantly.

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