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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping from the EU to Kenya

International cargo shipping is a challenging process. Numerous actions must be followed to guarantee that a shipment arrives where it should be on schedule. A load may be delayed, lost, or returned if a procedural step is skipped. Our knowledgeable team has listed the most typical errors made while exporting overseas below, along with advice on how to avoid them:

No knowledge of customs.

Understanding customs laws, rules, and codes is essential when shipping overseas. Depending on the cargo carried, each nation and border has regulations that can be difficult to comply with. Additionally, paperwork must be appropriately completed; when shipping overseas, there are typically two forms. To ensure that your cargo gets to where it needs to go, it is essential to have the correct information and a thorough comprehension of this paperwork. Consulting and working with a customs broker will transfer some of your workload and knowledge-related responsibilities to a professional. We take pride in having a knowledgeable staff of customs brokers who can guide you through the complexities of international shipping laws.

Packaging issues:

Any product that is packaged incorrectly during shipping will suffer severe problems. Due to issues with the product’s packaging, carriers reject every damage claim. By minimizing responsibility, unneeded expenses are eliminated. Because of this, it is essential to seek advice from a packaging expert before exporting any products.

Failure During Goods Insurance.

 International or long-distance shipping can be somewhat tricky and dangerous. When transporting products across borders, there are a few things to remember. Large-scale hazardous occurrences such as cargo ship damage, merchandise theft, natural catastrophes, accidents, etc., may pose transportation issues. When you overlook to insure the merchandise, it leads to postponed deliveries and huge losses. It is advised to look into your insurance alternatives to avoid such issues. You must comprehend and pick a reputable shipping firm. The terms, conditions, and other items covered by insurance plans must be fully understood. Additionally, it would help if you were looking for specific clauses in the insurance policy you select to protect your assets.

Unsuitable Weighing.

 Some companies lack devices that measure the weight of cargo adequately. While loading the product, some businesses lack the tools to measure freight weight accurately. The carrier weighs the item at the terminals when it packs it onto cargo to be shipped. If your shipping merchandise costs more to ship than the estimated weight, you must pay more. The extra charges will increase the cost of transportation and reduce profits.

By investing in an excellent measuring scale, you can avoid the error.

Cheap Freight Rates:

It is just if you look into affordable freight costs while shipping your goods. Many forwarders provide shipping at low prices, but there is no assurance that your merchandise will arrive in excellent condition. Beware of such individuals or organizations. You must conduct in-depth research to identify reputable shipping providers that are also reasonably priced. It’s crucial to recognize a company’s reputation and warning signs. Verify the company’s responsiveness. Examine client testimonials to obtain trustworthy recommendations.

Unsuitable timing.

Cross-border product shipping is all about scheduling. All imports and exports may experience delays if the proper paperwork is not prepared in advance. Your clients may become dissatisfied. Obtaining shipping estimates at least a month before shipping will help you avoid the error. Educating yourself more about the approximate time for import and export from various nations would be best. Maintain communication with the freight forwarder.

Inaccurate Information.

 It is one of the frequent errors that many individuals commit when shipping. It will be less difficult and expensive to check essential details like delivery addresses, carrier codes, and freight information than attempting to handle any potential issues afterward.

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