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How to Ship Goods from Dubai to Kenya using Salihiya Cargo & Shipping Agency

In the industry of freight forwarding & customs clearing, Salihiya Cargo & Shipping Agency has extensive experience. We provide practical and stress-free shipping and freight forwarding services to cities in East Africa, including Kenya, using air and sea, with weekly charter flights and weekly sailings by shipping lines. As always, we ensure that our clients’ things are loaded immediately after pick up or delivery.

The type and nature of these shipments have led Salihiya Cargo & Shipping Agency, a freight forwarder and a subsidiary of Dubai based ASAL Salihiya Cargo & Shipping LLC to search for integrated shipping solutions from Dubai to Kenya. In addition, Salihiya Cargo & Shipment Agency moving company will offer the required paperwork to streamline the shipping process with all import and export-related customs clearance procedures to provide clients with the best services.

Salihiya Cargo & Shipping Agency provides both Sea Freight and Air Freight from Dubai to Kenya.

Air Freight:  

Salihiya Cargo & Shipping Agency offers top-notch services in the area of air freight from Dubai to Nairobi and other cities in Kenya and the East African region. We offer door-to-airport shipping, airport-to-airport shipping, or door-to-door shipping for parcels within a specific receiving and delivery schedule, and at affordable rates. Our services are available in most East African cities, including Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Kampala, Entebbe, Mogadishu, Dar es Salaam, and Arusha. As we strive to maintain our clients’ trust, Salihiya Cargo & Shipping Agency has conducted air cargo operations from Dubai in record time to meet our customers’ needs. Salihiya Cargo & Shipping Agency has demonstrated its ability to efficiently manage air cargo orders from Dubai to Kenya and all East African countries of all weights, sizes, and commodities. On Airfreight, the anticipated delivery time for Dubai shipping to Kenya is 2 – 3 days, with an extra maximum of 7 days.

Sea Freight:

Sea freight from Dubai is a slower option for getting your products to Kenya, taking roughly three weeks, but it is less expensive.

Sea freight is commonly utilized to deliver huge things to Kenya because it is approximately five times less expensive than air freight.

Salihiya Cargo & Shipping Agency will transport your stock and cargo of significant size and weight through specialized shipping containers via Mina Rashid Port and other UAE ports to the port of Mombasa in Kenya. The company offers competitive rates, quick delivery schedules, and packaging services for goods to ensure their safe arrival. To fit the size and weight of your shipments, Salihiya Cargo & Shipping Agency has additionally given a selection of marine container sizes. Your cargo will be appropriately organized and evenly.

Shipping from Dubai to Kenya has become effortless and effective thanks to our partnerships with numerous international shipping lines. We will process and complete all paperwork for shipping and customs clearance of products and shipments.

Value-Added Services offered for Freight from Dubai to Kenya

  • Air booking and forwarding
  • Foreign transaction representation
  • Commercial Pickup (Machines, Equipment, Raw Materials, Dangerous goods, etc.)
  • Dubai custom clearance and export documentation
  • Trade remittance Solution
  • Sea booking, containerizing, and forwarding

Our Value-Added Services at Destination

  • Delivery Services
  • Import document handling
  • Customs Clearing in Kenyan Air and Sea Ports
  • Haulage and Logistics Support
  • Local Airport to Airport transfer
  • Inter-city transport through Land
  • Warehousing services

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